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Our Course

Local professional educators who recognize that students learn in a variety of ways teach each of the sessions.  Every instructor dedicates time to specifically address questions or concerns students have about their specialty.  Sometimes all it takes to really understand the material in the ACT domain is a considerate instructor who knows how to teach the material in multiple ways.  ACT Test Prep offers quality, personalized service at an affordable price. Contact us to help you begin the process to improve your ACT Test scores!

*Registering for this class does NOT register for you to take the national ACT Test*

Our Course

4 Day Course

We offer a 4-day intensive class that includes the following elements:

  • two days of direct instruction

  • one full-length practice exam with scoring

  • one final day dedicated to additional review materials and practice examples.

Girl Reading

Instruction is provided on test structure, tips and strategies for evaluating four reading passages, and discussion on various types of inferential questions.

Female Student

Instruction is provided on test structure and specific examples are modeled covering Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Functions, and Trigonometry. Each review session is tailored to the needs of the individual participants. A calculator is required for this section. 


Instruction is provided on test structure, tips and strategies for evaluating graphs, tables and interpreting data.  Discussion of scientific investigation and conflicting viewpoints in passages is examined.

Outdoor Study Group

Instruction is provided on test structure, tips and strategies for taking the English Test, and specific focus on the conventions of Standard English.

Laptop Writing
Writing (optional)

This instruction is optional for students.  Participants will provide a writing sample on an assigned topic where three perspectives are evaluated in a persuasive essay.  Individualized scoring and feedback is provided in addition to a brief one-on-one conference with a trained writing evaluator.

Available Classes

2023-2024 Classes are posted!!

*Refunds are available up to 1 week before scheduled class start date.

See FAQ Section for more information*

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"My overall Math score went up by 3 points. Both teachers were really patient and willing to go over multiple examples."

- Katie - Class of '22
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